FAASC is a unique scouting service that covers the best French and African prospects. France and Africa are two massive and promising markets and have a growing and high demand at every levels, from college level, to the NBA. We provide full and detailed scouting reports including (pictures, stats, strengths, weaknesses, and) background informations.

We offer an online and complete scouting database to our subscribers in real time. As a subscriber, you can log on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and access to full and detailed informations, evaluations and update on the top future NCAA, NBA and Euro League prospects.


Numerous reports

We deliver numerous reports and updates about each player during the season. Feel free to ask for a demo, specific updates or tailored scouting solutions.


Discover our top ranking regarding the upcoming generations and identify the players you need for your roster.

Regular updates

Our database is updated quaterly so you can get regularly informed about your prospects’ situation. We guarantee you to stay in touch with all players we observe in our radars.


For more informations about the covered markets (personal informations, background and tailored services), ask for a direct access to our consultants.


French Championship

We cover French Pro A & Pro B leagues as we attend every games during the season.

U21 Championship

We give a specific attention as well to the this League  (espoirs Pro A) – U18 and U15 at a national level.


We are interested in U16, U18 and U20 generations as it allows us to identify the best future top european players.

Afro Basket

Africa is the next basketball significative territory. We focus on U16,U18 and U20 generations to spot your next Joel Embiid…

You can contact us at contact@faasc.biz for three free samples of our scouting reports